Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Show Em You're a Tiger

The new year has brought with it the goal/sentence of having to sell of our house due to financial pressure.  I for one am embracing this new adventure.  Our plan is to move in July but in order to get to that point without going broke I have found some freelance work to generate a little extra income.  I have never done freelance from home using the software that I currently use at work and it has proven to be difficult.  The software we use at work is simply not supposed to be used by a one man show like myself.  There is a lot of secret coding stuff that has to be done behind the scenes to get everything working right.  Even now after working on my setup for about a month I have determined that I will have to get the pirated version of the software I bought to get it to work right.  It has been a learning experience however and will help a us a lot in the end.

Derek has been struggling in math lately and we have all been doing our best to help him out.  He retook a test that he failed yesterday and we are eager to find out how he did.  Next week is his semester final so he definitely still has some studying to do.  He has been working really hard these last few weeks and I am proud of him.  I am also really hoping that his hard work has paid off.  Life is not fair after all.

The project I am on right now is the most secretive project I've ever worked on.  They have us locked in a secure room on nobody else can even see our job on the server.  It's caused lots of headaches to be honest.  Other than the security thing this project is going incredibly smoothly.  I feel like I am jinxing myself for writing that but it really is going well.  I attribute this to two main things.  First my entire team is in the same room so we can all talk to each other face to face instead of over email.  We used to say in electronics school that communication is the key to success in battle.  Indeed it is.  Second, there are no weak links in my team.  I have been on other projects that have had one or two guys that couldn't carry their weight and the effects can be devastating since our teams are so small.  This team is making me look really good.