Thursday, October 24, 2013

Write it Down

3 sets
20 bicycle crunches 4 count
20 ab rollers
10 medicine ball russian twists
30 reverse crunches
50/50/50 calf raises

I was feeling really wore out today so I decided to do an ab day.  Ab days are usually relatively easy.  I did the 400 workout a few days ago and got a time of 12:40.  When I was doing it I noticed that I didn't feel as worn out as I usually do.  That workout is really hard.  For some reason when I was done I was really disappointed because I thought I had done it in a really bad time.  I thought my previous best was around 11:30.  I kept thinking that all day until I went back and checked some of my previous postings where I wrote down my run time for this workout.  Then I remembered that for the longest time I could not break 13 minutes.  Turns out 12:40 is now my new personal best.  This is great because I really felt good after doing it this time.  This is one of those workouts I am almost scared of because it gases me so much.

Speaking of workouts I'm scared of.  I did one yesterday that is probably at the top of that list.  100 dumbbell hang cleans to squat thrusters and every minute doing 5 burpees.  This workout is terrible because if you decide to stop and rest it makes it even harder because the 60 seconds goes by and you haven't done as many clean/thrusters as you could have so you wind up doing even more burpees.  I did it though.  Good times.

Something I've been wanting to do for a long time is to get a big white board in my garage so I can actually write down all my times for different workouts.  That way I'm not guessing if a workout had a good time or not.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Penalties Killing Football

4 sets 40 seconds rest between
15 diamond pushups (4-count)
15 press downs
15 regular pushups (4-count)

This workout was hard in that I couldn't do it the whole way through without pausing (going unbroken).  However, I was left without the familiar feeling of being completely exhausted.  I probably could have just added more sets but I was running out of time.  I think I'm going to do that box jump/lunge workout tomorrow.

I was watching the Denver game briefly yesterday when some player got a penalty for taking his helmet off during a play.  At that point I came to the realization that I'm starting to not like actually watching football games.  I like fantasy football but the games themselves have turned into something different over the years.  There are just too many rules.  If the refs can call a penalty on every single play if they wanted to, I think there is a problem.  This made me appreciate baseball a little more.  Baseball is one sport where the outcome is almost never decided by some ref.  Sure there is balls and strikes, but those are much more clear cut.  A strike has been a strike for the last 100 years and they aren't coming up with new penalties and rules for baseball every single year.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


3 sets
shoulder workout
10 dumbbell side raises
10 dumbbell front raises
10 dumbbell shoulder presses
10 burpees
no rest

This week I have thrown the normal training I do out the window and am just experimenting with different kinds of workouts.  I haven't done one like this that focuses on the shoulders so I thought I'd do it.  It was somewhat challenging but didn't really hit me as hard as I would like.  I could just add sets, but I think I need to do something that engages more of the body like a pushup style workout.

I finally got my pullup bar project off the ground last weekend.  I don't have the wood yet but I was able to dig 2 3.5 foot holes in the ground.  That ground was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I couldn't use the shovel further than a few inches before I had to start chiseling away at it with a heavy bar.  I couldn't have done it without that heavy pry bar.  I don't even know what it's really called.  I also couldn't have done it without Derek.  He helped a lot.  I wish I had gloves on though.  Got some annoying blisters to show for my effort.

So it looks like this debt ceiling/government shutdown thing is coming to a close.  Every time I read something about how the government is sinking further into debt I feel like I should be buying ammo.

I read an interesting tidbit on some financial blog the other day.  Over time prices in general should go down because deflation is the natural order of things.  We develop new technology and methods to make the production of things cheaper.  Thus prices should go down.  So why doesn't that happen?

Friday, October 11, 2013


Yesterday's workout:

Tabata 4 exercises
roman chair situps
hand release pushups
air squats

Today's workout:
3 sets
20 dive bombers
15 rows
followed by
pulldowns to failure
pressdowns to failure
20 dumbbell shoulder presses with light weight

Dan the crossfit guy told me about Tabata workouts a few weeks ago.  What Tabata is is 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.  That is one set then you do 8 sets.  This is a sneaky workout because it seems really easy early on, but will make you cry by the time it's over.  He told me that when somebody asks you what your tabata pushup number is it means the set where you did the least amount.  I think I need a second opinion on this one though because when I did the pushups the first time the sets went something like 15, 15, 12, 10, 9, 6, 6, 6.  So my tabata number was 6 for pushups.  However, when I did this yesterday I did it with the intention of increasing that tabata number.  I was easily able to do sets of 9 and at the end of it I wasn't nearly as tired as the first time I did it.  I think the tabata number should just be the total number of reps you did.

The sweet potato thing is working really well.  Think I have a winner there.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweet Potato Wednesday

3 sets
30 hand release pushups
15 rows at weight of 12

followed by lat pull downs to failure and press downs to failure

I usually eat a bowl or at least half a bowl of oatmeal in the morning as I'm getting the kid's breakfast and lunches made.  Today, I decided to steam myself a sweat potato instead.  To be honest, I think there was a big difference.  I had tons of energy and I did this workout completely unbroken.  That means I didn't have to pause to rest at any point.  I'm going to try the sweat potato thing again tomorrow with a harder workout.  Unfortunately, I did leave the burner on too long and I burnt the crap out of my sauce pan that I was steaming the potatoes in.  Hopefully it isn't ruined.

I have been wanting some real weather like a good rain storm for a long time.  A man can only handle so much sunshine.  Today I thought I was going to finally get it.  Looks like it only rained for about 15 minutes intermittently.  I don't think you can really even call this a storm.  More like a smattering of moisture.

This year is easily my worst year ever in fantasy football.  CJ Spiller is leading the charge with an average performance at best.  I'm still having fun setting my lineups ever week though. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Run Day

4 mile run

I have been feeling really run down ever since that tough workout on Sunday.  Today I woke up not even knowing what kind of workout I was going to do.  I did what I normally do and got on the treadmill for my 5 minute walking warmup.  By the end of it I still didn't know what I was going to do.  Everything was sore.  Legs, Back, everything.  So I decided to just run.  Turns out that was a great choice.  By the end of 4 miles all my soreness was gone.  I am really looking forward to getting back after a hard workout tomorrow.

This whole debt ceiling/obamacare standoff business that is going on right now in Washington is frustrating to watch.  I can't speak intelligently on the the debt ceiling or Obamacare so I won't comment on them.  However, from 2500 miles away it sure seems like we need some adults to step into the room and get this resolved. 

I'm going to make a huge assumption and say that most Americans don't want to be bothered by 99% of what goes on in Washington.  They don't want to spend time reading about the details of legislation.  If this were a monarchy or dictatorship we wouldn't have to worry about any of these things because it wouldn't matter.  But we live in a Republic and so we have the option of caring.  I think some people believe our government is made up of people we elect to do what we want.  That is ridiculous.  Go up to the average person on the street and ask them what they want to do with health care or the debt ceiling.  999 times out of 1000 they won't have the first clue about those issues.  Myself included.  No, who elect is people to take care of these issues for us so that we can worry about all the things in our lives like paying the mortgage and staying employed.  We elect those people to learn about these issues of the day, to intelligently craft solutions to those issues and be adults about it.  Instead what it appears we have is a bunch of teenagers jockeying for some nationwide popularity contest.  If we asked most people what they would want if given the choice between a popular leader or a leader that does the right thing.  I think most of use would choose the latter.  Just do what you have to do with a clear conscience.  It should be that simple.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lung Burn

I actually didn't do much of a workout today.  I did my typical 2 mile warm up, but by the time it was over I didn't have much time left for a real workout.  Yesterday was interesting.  I did a pretty tough workout.  It took about 12 minutes.  When it was over I had a feeling in my lungs like I had just breathed in a lot of really hot air.  Almost like my lungs were sunburned.  Shortly afterward I developed a bit of a cough.  I did some googling on the subject and quickly came to the conclusion that I had experienced exercise induced asthma.  The symptoms went away by the end of the day.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dan was Right

4 sets of
400 meter run
50 airsquats


This workout has had me stumped for the last month or so.  I couldn't seem to make any improvement on my time.  Last week I asked Dan the crossfit guy at work about what he thought I should do.  He suggested doing a warm up that hits my lungs a little more since I wasn't doing my full running warm up like I normally do.  I figured why run 2 miles when the workout itself was running.  Just didn't make sense.  So today I ran 1 mile at a sub 8 minute mile pace.  Consequently I got my best time ever.  30 seconds faster than the last time I did this.  Guess Dan was right.