Monday, December 22, 2014

When Will I Learn

5 minute walk
1K row

3 sets
10x20 lateral raise

3 sets
10x35 front raise

3 sets

10x40 military press

After the last bench workout I did I felt some pain in my shoulder so I shut it down completely for 2 weeks.  Today was the first time I've done anything shoulder related since.  It felt pretty good although not that strong.  I'm going to see if I can ease my way back to the bench.  I plan to do one or two shoulder days like this per week.

My back has been giving me some issues lately, I'm wondering if it is my ubersoft bed that is the culprit.  I might try to sleep on the floor tonight to find out.

I was listening to the radio today and heard an interview with a kid (24 years old) who sold his own internet startup when he was 19 years old for millions.  Wow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Narrow Grip for the Win

8 minute walk
1K row

Front Squat

I finally figured out how to front squat without my fingers feeling like they are about to snap.  All I had to do was narrow my grip on the bar a few inches.  This makes front squatting so much easier.  When I did front squats for the first time was at a crossfit gym.  They had us find our 3 rep max which for me was 235.  Today I was able to do 245 at the end of a workout 3 reps.  That felt great.  I'm pretty sure right now I could get a 3 rep max of 265-275.  I'm going to keep working this 5x5 routine for a month and then max out bench, front squat, and pull ups.

I wonder if there is something that the government subsidizes or otherwise "helps" with that is universally considered successful.  I feel like if the government got out of "helping" to subsidize college education nobody would be able to afford most colleges and thus the prices of college educations would go down.  I feel the same way about healthcare.  I try not to think about stuff like this too much since I honestly don't understand the details, however from a common sense cursory point of view these programs don't appear to be really helping anybody other than the ones taking all the tax dollars.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Strength First

8 minute walk
1K row



3 sets of 12

After a long Thanksgiving week vacation it was time to get back into the gym.  I am going to getting more disciplined about my workouts with a set goal of strength in mind.  The best program I ever did was 5 sets of 5 reps.  This is what I did when I was working out at home and was finishing sets at 275.  I am going to stop doing every workout to exhaustion.  Sort of the bend but do not break philosophy.  I should probably do a max out day to get a benchmark of where I am starting from.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vacation Maybe?

5 minute jump rope warmup

5 sets
6 pullups
1:30 rest

1 bicep curl drop set

I am determined to get my pullups back.  I feel like doing pullups on the weird multiexercise machine thing at the gym is harder than just a straight up pull up bar, but that's fine.  At least they will be easier when I get a real bar setup.

We are finally moved in.  I feel like the movers had a really easy time this time around because half of our stuff had to be stored in the garage.

We got Salvation Army to come out and take a lot of old stuff including our old washer and dryer.  The new Samsung models we got are great.  The capacity is easily double what we had before.  The bonus is there is no big stupid agitator blade of doom tearing holes in our clothes anymore.

I submitted a request to take all of Thanksgiving week off.  Right now it looks like I will likely get it.  I think Michelle needs a break from all the house/kid madness and I'd like to provide that somehow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


5 minute jump rope warm up

5 rounds
20 decline pushups
20 side to side pushups
10 jumping side to side pushups

So I wound up going to the competition on Sunday.  I had a really good time right up to the point that I realized that I didn't do the workout correctly.  Since I came in first place in my heat and 3rd place overall I felt really bad about it.  As soon as I came in to work on Monday people were congratulating me on doing a good job, but I had to quickly confess that I miscounted one of the movements.  It was an honest mistake.  I'll have to pay better attention to the numbers next time.  Next time hopefully there will be a judge.

This weekend is move in weekend.  I can't wait.  It would be great if the kitchen was done, but at least I'll have tv and internet and a shower that isn't tiny.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pregame Warmup

jump rope warm up

2 rounds:
2 minute 55lb dumbbell hold
10 shoulder to overhead press with 55lbs on each side
35 goblet squats 55lbs

I came up with this workout to simulate what would be happening in the competition this weekend as close as possible.  One thing I noticed right away is how hard it is to just hold on to those dumbbells.  That is going to kill my grip fast.  I figured out that if I lift the dumbbells up to my shoulders while walking it doesn't hit my grip nearly as much.  I might be doing that if I end up going this weekend.

In a recent company meeting it was divulged that we spend millions every year on technology.  I wonder how much of that spend actually contributed to helping us do our jobs better/faster.  This is a subject I'd like to explore a bit further.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Competition in Jeopardy

1.5K row warmup

Front Squats

First off I'd like to congratulate myself for spelling jeopardy correctly the first time.  I have been doing a lot of work at home working on mobility in my hips and I think it is paying off.  I can go heavy with my front squats and my knees feel fine.  Can't wait to be able to do these at home.

Michelle had a change of heart about the crossfit competition that I signed up for this weekend.  Long story short, she doesn't want me to do it for various reasons.  I still really want to do it.  Hopefully, I can convince her to let me go.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Competition

1K row warmup

3 rounds:
up and back volleyball court walking lunges
50 air squats

This is a great workout.  I'm really liking this one.  I'm not sure I could do this anywhere other than where there is sand.  My legs feel like lead after doing this one.

I finally signed up for my first crossfit competition.  It is a veteran's day workout on the USS Iowa in San Pedro on Nov. 9.  It sounds like more of a fun thing than a real competition.  Also, I know I can do all the movements so I'm not worried about that.  The only thing I'm not sure about is just how heavy a 70 versus a 53lbs kettlebell is.  I've only messed around with a 35.  Guess I'm going to find out.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Down Week

Rest Day

I was feeling a little beat up yesterday and I didn't want to push it with my shoulders after doing bench press on Tuesday so I decided to do a good ol fashioned run.  I started out by doing 2 miles on a treadmill.  The treadmills at the LA Fitness I go to are the best I've ever run on by the way.  Shock absorbing without being bouncy.  Just amazing.  Then I decided, hey I've got some time being that I'm not on a project right now, I think I'll do another 2 miles out on the road.  So I did.  A few hours later I felt like I was going to be sick.  This morning I still felt bad.  Right now I'm fine.  I can remember when 4 miles was my short easy run.   On the plus side, my rotater cuff feels great.

I am debating whether or not to do a walkin visit to the crossfit gym around the corner from the apartment.  I think it would be fun for me and Derek.  It would be $40 for an hour workout.  A little pricey but I'd probably only do it once.

I did a little more research today on the spina bifida thing regarding the military.  Seems that it may not be so cut and dry.  I wonder how Michelle would react if it was actually possible for Derek to join the military.  Probably not good.

Monday, October 20, 2014

No More Bay

5 minute jump rope warm up
500 meter speed row (2 min)

5 sets of 5 pull ups

1 curl drop set (60,50,40)

I did the entire 5 minute jump rope routine without missing a skip.  I'm not sure I've ever done that before.  My pull ups just stink now.  I need to get a legit pull up bar in the worst way.  Can't wait to get into my new house.

I'm going to have to place a moratorium on all Michael Bay films.  I just saw Transformers Extinction this weekend.  It was terrible.  It was like the plot holes ramped up at an exponential rate when it got closer to the end.  Just so bad.  So, so bad.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saved by the Bell

5 minute jump rope warmup

3 rounds:
20 hand release pushups
20 burpees
50 airsquats

This is a variation of my benchmark workout that I used to do at home.  This workout is tough but has gotten a lot easier.  I may need to come up with a new benchmark.

I had a little bit of extra time on Saturday night after getting off work around 6:30 so I decided to go to the gym.  For once I wouldn't be staring at the clock because I only had an hour for my lunch break.  I started out the night by running 2 miles and a really good feeling treadmill.  Seriously, it was probably the best one I've ever been on.  After that I did a pull up ladder.  Then I decided to do arm curls because I never do them.  So I decided to do a super set starting with as many as possible with 50lbs, then with no rest 40, then 30.  I planned on doing 2 super sets like that.  However as I got close to the end of the first, the lights started going out.  The gym was closing!  I quickly finished my set and got my stuff from the locker room and left (without showering).  Today now fully 2 days later I am still sore.  If I had done that second super set I would probably have been overtraining and would be in pain right now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Almost There

5 minute jump rope warm up

3 rounds

20 hand release pushups
20 burpees
50 airsquats

Since we moved into the apartment I have been going to the LA Fitness near work just about every day.  The project I have been on has been demanding timewise.  Since I don't get paid for OT anymore I decided that I am not going to give up my hour lunch break unless the circumstances are extreme.  A few weeks ago I did bench press and tweaked my shoulder again.  I need to start doing research on bench press technique before trying to go heavy again.  Since I want to stay away from my shoulder I've been doing lots of airsquats and lunges.  Burpees don't seem to bother my shoulder so I've been doing lots of those two.

The drama with the house we are trying to buy is reaching a crescendo.  The make or break day is going to be when we send the termite inspector back to the house to look at the work that the seller's low ball contractor did.  I am not optimistic, but I am hopeful.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Burpee Day

100 burpees


That's a new PR for me on concrete.  Burpees are so great.  They are terrible but they are great.  They just make you feel like your body doesn't work anymore.  I saw a workout a while back where some guy did 1000 burpees with an 800 meter run mixed in after every 100.  Insanity.

Moving day is just a week away.  That will be rough.  Moving into the new house will be great.  Can't wait for that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

1 mile run
50 burpees

I ran out of time today so instead of doing 15 minutes of kettlebell swings I did 50 burpees.  I should have just kept going all the way to 100.  Over the weekend Derek and I did a crazy 12 200 meter sprint workout.  That was hard.  I haven't sprinted all out like that in years.  When I say years, I mean like 15 years.  It felt good to turn it on like that, but it definitely pulled on some muscle fibers that have not been tested in some time.  If I ever want to get my run times down, I'll need to do more of that.

The house hunting adventure could be coming to it's final chapter.  We are currently bidding on a house that I really like.  It's in a great location at a price that is right in line with what I was thinking we would spend.  I try to not get too invested in any potential house because I know how easy it is to lose a bid.  However, I am really hoping this one happens.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Favorite Time of the Day

4 rounds

400 meter run
50 air squats


Not particularly proud of that time.  I've been stuck on this one for a while.  I think I need to work on short range sprints.  Feels like I've forgotten how to run fast.  The cool part about this one today was that I got Derek to do a scaled version of this with me.  It is definitely high time that kid start getting rid of the lazy.  He has it in him.  He simply lacks the motivation.  Not uncommon for teenagers.....or adults for that matter.

Sometimes I think about what the best part of my day or week is.  Being a certified clockwatcher one of the best parts of my day is definitely when the clock hits 7pm.  It feels like walking out of a mini-prison.  The absolute best part of my day is definitely working out though.  Even when I'm feeling tired I make an effort to do it because I know I'm going to feel better physically and mentally afterward.  Weekends have been pretty stressful lately, so I find now that I don't really look forward to those anymore.  I'm sure that will change after we move.

We got a buyer on the line for our house.  They are lowballing the crap out of us, but I have a feeling we can come to an agreement.  We have to get out of this house.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Benchmark Smashed

5 minute walk
2 mile run

3 rounds
10 toes to bar
10 handstand pushups
10 pistols off a chair (each leg)

This was basically an easy day where I wanted to practice the various movements that I can't do properly.  My right knee is bothering me a lot.  Not sure what is wrong with it.  I'm ok doing regular airsquats and runnings.  Doing any kind of pistol variation makes it feel like something is wrong though.  I'll have to be careful with that.

Last week on Friday I decided to do my old benchmark workout that I came up with way back when I first started trying the whole garage gym crossfit thing.  3 rounds of 13 divebombers, 20 burpees, and 50 airsquats.  I have been stuck on this workout for a while.  My previous PR was 10:43.  On Friday I did it in 10:05.  It's always great to hit a new PR.

We went out to look at a few more houses this weekend.  This is going to be a tough road.  I don't think me and Michelle are quite on the same page yet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


5 minutes walk

25 minutes
2 dead hang pull ups every 30 seconds

Pretty sure I did at least 100 dead hang pull ups this morning.  I'm feeling pretty good about that.  I think I'm going to go back and try day 4 of that pull up program I was on one more time in 2 days.  If I'm still stuck where I was then I might have to try a different program.  I hate being stuck.  I need to have some sense of progress.  Even if I can't do more reps maybe that last rep was a little easier.  Well, that isn't happening on that program.  I've done day 4 4 times now.  I'll get it.

I uninstalled Battlefield 4 from my computer last night.  I know it sounds stupid but that was kind of a big deal for me.  I've been thinking about doing it for a really long time.  Battlefield has for the better part of the last 10 years been a hobby bordering on an addiction.  I've come to a point where I feel like I need to remove as many distractions as possible from my life to make to the next level.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shoes Matter

5 minutes jump rope
3K meter row

I wanted to do pull ups today, but the pull up bars were all taken at the gym.  So I ended up doing a 3,000 meter row.  Right now the hardest part about rowing is keeping a grip on the handle the whole time.  I suppose that aspect of it will help me with my pull ups.

I forgot my running shoes today.  It didn't bother me until the end of the row.  Turns out the part in my shoe near the heel is worn down and has some kind of exposed plastic.  So now I have some nice rubbed off skin on my heel.  Moral of the story: don't forget your shoes.

House just went on the market today.  It is going to be difficult to stay positive through this process.  The day we move out is going to be really hard.  We went looking at some houses in the general area we need to live in and didn't find much to get excited about.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pull Up Wall

10 minute walk
5 minutes of jump rope

pull up program day 4

7, 10, 7, 7, max

2 minutes rest between sets

I am stuck on this workout.  When I get to the max out set I can only do 7.  You are supposed to hit 9 before making it to the next day workout.  I might try to do an alternate pull up workout tomorrow or the next day.

So glad it's Friday.  I downloaded the Unity game engine demo yesterday.  I'm going to start devoting what would have been my game time to learning more about this engine.

The house goes up for sale on Sunday.  Here we go.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clock Watching Pro

Easy Day
5 minute walk
1 mile jog

4 rounds
20 4-count bicycle crunches
20 ab wheel
10 Toes to Bar

 I need to devote an entire day's workout to just working on stuff I suck at.  Like Toes to Bar.  I marvel at athletes that can just crank these things out.  I can't seem to get a rhythm going.  I could say the same thing for kipping pullups, double unders, and hand stand pushups.  Yeah, I don't really have a handle on this whole crossfit thing just yet.

I am so incredibly bored at work right now.  I have never clock watched to the degree that I am everyday now.  Having a good routine really helps to pass that time faster.  Here is mine.

10:30 first yogurt
12:00 lunch
2:00 long walk
4:00 second yogurt
5:00 short walk
6:00 short walk
7:00 go home

I recently have become very interested in our new VR (virtual reality) department.  I think this might be a new avenue worth exploring.  I have begun to make my interest more known.  We'll see if I can escape from the doldrums of commercials.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Warm Lungs

5 minute walk

8 x 400 meter runs
1 minute rest between each 400

I woke up feeling pretty beat up today.  However, I kept telling myself that working out is usually the best part of my day so why would I skip that.  Weird thing was the first 3 400's felt awful, but by the last 3 I started going numb to it.  Not easy, but I think my lungs were just used to it by then.  Lends credence to the notion that you need to warm up your lungs like any other muscle.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leg Day

5 minutes jump rope warm up

4 rounds
up and down the volleyball court walking lunges
50 air squats

I haven't done a serious leg day in a few weeks so this one hurt a little.  I've been noticing over the last few days that my right knee has been stiffening up at work a lot.  It doesn't hurt, it just feels like the joint is doing something weird.  I am almost positive this is because of sitting for too long.  Maybe I'll wind up getting that doctor's note after all.

Things feel weird at work right now.  I definitely have a sense that we have shifted into some new regime.  I'm not sure I like it.  I have started getting interested in persuing new areas of the company other than commercials.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Need to Sleep

1 mile warm up

3 sets of:
20 4-count bicycle crunches
20 ab rollers
50 4-count flutter kicks
10 burpees

Today probably should have been an off day but I felt like doing something anyway.  Ab workouts are usually pretty easy so I tend to do them on these down days.

I delivered the latest project on Tuesday.  It had it's challenges just like any project but in the end I didn't feel too stressed out.  I am looking forward to seeing it at E3 next week.  This will be the first year that I get to go to E3 with a legit pass of my own.

I have noticed lately that I have trouble sleeping in.  No problem falling asleep.  I just have an internal alarm that gets me up between 5:30 and 6 in the morning.  I would really like to sleep longer, but once I'm up I can never go back to sleep.  My eyes feel heavy as I write this at 3:15 in the afternoon.  I really need to get more sleep.

I still feel terrible about Zoe.  We went to the animal shelter yesterday to donate all of her food and dog toys.  That was really sad.  I feel bad more Derek most of all.  She was his best friend.  The kids have already started talked about getting another dog.  I think that is a good idea.  I think we should wait until after we move though.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Goodbye Zoe

Last night I got home pretty late from work.  We are delivering the current project on Tuesday.  It was about 10pm.  As has happened countless other times Zoe had gotten out of the backyard.  I walked the trails and streets around the house but to no avail.  This morning, I woke up and set out again.  This time I ventured out farther and eventually ended up on Cherry.  As I walked up the hill I saw her lying on the sidewalk.  Zoe had been hit by a car.

I can still remember when Michelle brought Zoe home after buying her from some lady in a parking lot.  Basically a spur of the moment purchase.  Zoe was a tough dog to love early on.  She seemed untrainable.  However, as the years went on she barked her way into our hearts.  Telling the kids of he fate was terrible.  The news broke their hearts.

I can't help but feel partially responsible.  If I hadn't been working that day we would have been home and she wouldn't have gotten out.  If I had done a better job at securing the backyard she wouldn't have gotten out.  I wish I could have prevented this.  To add insult to injury I had to leave my family at home and come right back to work.  I want to go home.

Zoe was a good dog.

Goodbye Zoe

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ripped Hands


run 1 mile
100 pull ups
200 pushups
300 air squats
run 1 mile

Murph is a famous workout named after fallen Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy.  This is regarded as being one of the more brutal crossfit workouts for the general public to attempt.  I was not able to complete it.  I made it to 80 pullups and simply could not hold on to the bar anymore.  The pushups and air squats were easy.  My main problem is that I don't know how to do kipping pull ups properly.  I have been focusing completely on doing strict pull ups because I think they are safer on your shoulder joint and to be honest I think they are more manly.  If you are looking to crank out 100 pull ups though, kipping might be the only way to go unless you want to be there all day.  I am going to buy pull up gloves that I have seen gymnasts use in the Olympics.  Hopefully they will keep my hands from tearing.

I'm 39 today.  To bad I had to come in to work, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  I hope I can get home at a reasonable enough time to do some family stuff.  I'm getting tired of Sydney's bike tire popping.  I think she needs another one.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bye Bye Birdie

100 burpees on concrete

It is a bit harder to do burpees on concrete vs sand.  For one thing as you do burpees on sand you start to dig a little hole for yourself which makes each new burpee a little easier.  When I do them on sand I move around while I'm doing them so I'm not cheating too much.  I've been doing a lot of body weight strength stuff like push ups and pull ups lately so I figured I was overdo for a good metcon.

Sydney performed in a play this weekend.  She was involved in a play a while back but had a small part.  This time she was much more involved albeit still as a background character.  At least this time she had several lines.  I am so proud of her for trying something like this.  I hope that she pursues it more in the future.

I wish more people could have seen her.

Monday, May 5, 2014


1/2 mile warm up

Benchmark workout
13 divebombers
20 burpees
50 airsquats

3 rounds for time


Just missed my PR time by 2 seconds.  Felt pretty good overall.

It has been just over 3 years since I started as a cg supervisor.  At the time I was told that there is usually a 1 year try out period for new cg sups before they are made official.  Today I was finally made an official cg supervisor.  It is something I am proud of.  For the first time in a while I am optimistic for my future at DD.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Routine

Rest Day

Today was a rest day, but yesterday was not.  I found this new pushup routine on youtube and tried it out.  It was pretty simple.  200 deficit pushups, 50 sliding side to side pushups, and 50 side to side jumping pushups.  It was really hard and I could only finish half of it.  Today my ribcage is sore.  That's new.  I look forward to doing that one again.

Lately the idea of having to move has been sinking in.  I know that moving is the right decision.  However, I can't shake the feeling that I am letting  my family down by forcing them to move just 3 years after getting into a new house.  I hope that we can find a new house quickly.  Chances are that we will have to find a much smaller rental situation.  There is going to be quite a transition going from almost 3000 square feet to probably less than 1000.

Monday, April 14, 2014

We're Movin Now

7 minutes of jump roping

5 sets:
walking lunges up and down a volley ball court
10 burpees

This workout was a lot harder the last time I did it.  I think it was because I did twice as much jump roping.  Since my time at the gym is so limited I feel like I shouldn't spend so much time warming up.  7 minutes is a pretty good amount of time.  My heart rate is definitely up.  I also mix in some stretching before the actual workout.

So it looks like we are going to move again.  Last year we had a long discussion about this.  At the time, I was bringing in a significant amount of freelance work.  That has since dried up.  Even if it hadn't I don't think that was sustainable anyway.  It was horrible coming home and having to sit down to do more work.  Quite frankly I am sick of feeling like a slave to my house.  When we talked about it last year I said that if we sold then the house would end up having been a good investment.  If we sell now the same holds true.  In fact you could say that we held it as long as possible and maximized our gains.

Michelle bought a horse back riding groupon for the kids.  We took them to it yesterday.  They all had a really good time.  I love seeing the looks on their faces when they are genuinely having a good time outdoors.  I want to take the boys camping. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Good Whoopin

1 mile warm up
100 hang clean to squat thrusters with 15# dumbbells
5 burpees every minute

Every once in a while everybody needs a good whoopin to get them back on track.  This workout is just awful.  At the end of it I feel like my lungs are sore.  Someday I want to put a heart rate monitor on while I'm doing this one.

I started a new project at work 3 weeks ago. I think it is going well, but I like to have a constant state of thinking we are behind.  Should be a good one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Back in the Game

2 mile warm up run
3 sets
40 russian twist crunches w/10lbs med ball
20 thrusters with 15lb dumbbells
20 bicycle crunches

I tried working in some toes to bars in this work out and it felt a little funny so I only did 10 then switched to something else.  I have been doing a lot of shoulder stuff in the last 2 days so maybe it's best that I lay off of that joint for a few days.  I'm feeling a lot better this week though.  I want to do a hardcore pushup routine by the end of the week to really test it out.

I finally found something good about day light savings.  It appears that everybody tries to get home faster to get a little bit of day light at the end of their work day.  So by the time 7 pm rolls around and I'm ready to leave, the freeways are virtually clear.  I'll take that.

Derek has dug himself a bit of a hole at school with his grades.  He suffers from the same bad habits I had at his age in that getting homework done on time and turned in is quite the challenge.  He's a smart kid though.  Smarter than I at his age.  I'm sure he will recover.  Not without a bit of prodding from his parents though. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Hurry

15 minutes of jump roping
4 sets of
walking lunges up and back on volleyball court

I could not get doubleunders going today to save my life.  The best I could do was rattling off about 7 in a row.  That was a bit of an anomaly though.  I spent most of my time whipping my hand when I would miss.  That was really painful.  Felt good to do those lunges though.  I have really dialed it down for the past 2 weeks to let my shoulder heal.  It feels pretty good right now.  I'd say it's about 90% there.  I'm going to wait until next Monday before I try to do some pushups.

Derek ran his first track meet today.  He ran his first official 400 meters in 1:01.  Not too bad considering I ran my best time as a senior at 54 seconds.  I hope that he sticks with it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Joint Pain

4 mile run

I went to the gym last week and did some bench presses.  It was a simple workout of 5 sets of 5 reps with ascending weight.  I ended at 245.  I was smart about it and asked somebody near by to spot me.  I said I was going for 3 reps maybe 4.  I did 4 and was about to rack it when he said "come on you got one more".  So I completed one more rep with his help.  Since then my shoulder joint has been sore.  I wouldn't say really sore or painful, but just noticeable.  Being injuryphobic, I opted out of all exercises involving that joint this week.  It has now been about a week and that joint is still not 100%.  I may have to switch over to a running/leg program for a little while. 

I started a new project this week.  I'm finally back to being a supervisor which feels good.  Some long time commercials people left the company this week.  They have been here longer than I have.  It troubles me that every time somebody leaves they aren't replaced.  This tells me the company wants to see just how many people they can get rid of before they can't do work anymore.

I have an idea for creating a texture library site online.  The first step is to take some of my own texture images.  To do that, I need a tripod. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lift Day!

1 mile run
100/50/50/100/50/50/100 single skips
30 double unders

1000 meter row
front squat 5x5
bench press 5x5

Today was my first day going to the LA Fitness by work.  It went really well.  Every time before when I went there it was a bit crowded.  This time I didn't have to wait for anything.  I started off with the rowing machine.  I really wanted to do that one because I've never done it before.  It didn't seem overly strenuous but then maybe I could have been going faster.  I should have noted my time when I reached 1000 meters.  I think it was between 5 and 6 minutes.  After the row I went to the squat rack and proceeded to do some front squats.  I've only done those once before at the crossfit box.  They are a bit awkward especially in how you have to hold the bar on top of your clavicle bones.  My fingers actually felt really strained after doing that one.  I'm going to have to work on my finger flexibility.  Bench press felt really good.  I ended my 5 sets of 5 at 225 and easily completed it.  Next time I'm going to adjust higher.  A personal goal I've always had is to bench 315.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PR week

4 sets of
400 meter run
50 airsquats


This is one of the workouts that I've been pretty stuck with for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  I got a PR on it a while back of 12:01.  Since that time I've been posting times of 12:29, 12:48, or in that range.  Not getting anywhere close to that PR.  This morning I beat it.  By 4 seconds, but hey I'll take it.  I was beginning to think maybe I messed the workout up when I made that previous PR.  One major thing I didn't do this morning is a longish running warmup.  Before I was running about a mile.  Today I ran 1/4 then did some mobility warm up drills to loosen up the hips.  I've been hearing a lot from crossfit people in interviews saying they don't stretch.  Personally, I think people that don't stretch are probably really flexible already.  I am not.  I am probably the least flexible person I know.  I am going to start working on stretching daily on my off hours.

I forgot to mention that I got myself a dandy new jump rope for doing double unders.  I have been practicing them everyday since I got it.  They are really hard.  Today I got 5 double unders in a row.  I'm pretty stoked about that.  I think hitting 10 will be a big milestone.  After that I'll be shooting for 50.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time for A Gym

Benchmark Workout
13 divebombers
20 burpees
50 airsquats
3 rounds for time


That time is a new PR for me.  Always nice to hit one of those especially after doing it for so long.  PR's can be hard to come by.  Especially now that I am getting up at 5:20am to do this.  As I said previously, I really enjoyed my going to the crossfit box.  It's too bad that I can't keep going, however that doesn't mean I can't still do a lot of the things I did there.  Mainly lifting heavy weights.  Prior to going there the last time I lifted was probably 10 years ago, maybe more.  It felt really good doing that.  So I have decided to join LA Fitness which happens to have a really nice facility just a few minutes away from my office.  We even get a deal through the company were they will waive the $99 initiation fee.  I plan on doing that on Monday.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

No More Box

The Suck
100 hang clean squat thrusters with 15lbs dumbbells
5 burpees every 60 seconds

time: 9:52

I haven't done this workout in quite a while.  Why?  Because it sucks.  This is one of those workouts I really hate doing.  That being said.  It sucked a little less today.  I finished it a full minute faster than my previous PR and was able to walk around for a minute before collapsing.  I think I'm going to have to move the 20 minutes of burpees workout into the top spot of workouts I hate doing.

The groupon I had for the crossfit gym or "box" as they are called in the crossfit community ran out on Monday.  I enjoyed my time going there tremendously.  However, my schedule just won't allow me to make a commitment like that 3 days a week.  I am strongly considering joining LA Fitness.  There is one just a few minutes down the road from where I work.  I visited there yesterday.  It was probably the nicest gym I've ever seen.  Plus we get a deal from the company to waive the initiation fee.  I would love to be able to compete in a crossfit competition by the end of the year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Open WOD

Open 12.3
18 minute AMRAP
15 box jumps
12 shoulder to overhead
9 toes to bar

5 rounds and 7 reps completed

This was my first official crossfit open workout.  I was almost positive that I wouldn't be able to do the toes to bar part.  That is when you hang from a pull up bar and bring your toes all the way up and touch the bar.  This was a tough workout, but it felt great.  I am really enjoying myself at this crossfit box.

I saw an interesting and rather damning video on youtube today regarding how facebook works with their whole "like" system.  To be honest, I don't fully understand the "like" thing and why anybody would pay money to facebook to get more likes in the first place.  According to this video, however, there appears to be some shenanigans afoot.  This could spell big trouble for facebook.

Check it out:

Friday, January 31, 2014

Dead Lift

1 rep max for dead lift 365.

So I went into the box on Thursday and the workout was to find your one rep max for the dead lift.  Since I had only the done the dead lift once before I wanted to take it slow and safe.  Also, no blood.  VICTORY!!!  Overall, I'm pretty happy with 365 considering my experience.  I am certain that if I keep at it I can break 400 quickly.  I'm going to have to get some weight at home though.  I would love to start working on power cleans and dead lifts at home.

I went to an impromptu dinner with my fellow supervisors last night.  There was a lot of venting of work frustrations to be had.  I had no idea half of these problems existed.  I don't know how it happened but somewhere along the line I developed a pretty good way of dealing with people.  At least I think I have because I don't seem to have half the problems that some other guys do in supervising.  We are apparently going to be having company reviews in a month or so.  We haven't done those in over 2 years.  This should be interesting.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't Bleed

Benchmark workout
3 sets of
13 dive bombers
20 burpees
50 airsquats


My PR is 10:51 so this isn't bad.  To be honest, I think this is pretty good considering I did it before 6am.  I do not like waking up and immediately working out.  Not fun, not good.

I'm heading back to the crossfit gym again tomorrow morning.  My goal is simple.  Don't bleed.  When I look back through the history of the workouts at that gym it looks like they usually do weightlifting on Thursdays.  I suppose that is good because it is something I don't have access to at home.  However, I'd rather be doing some kind of creative metcon work.

I saw an olympic bar plus 200+ lbs of weights on craigslist for $150 today.  That's a great deal.  To bad I'm too cheap to buy anything for myself.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Blood on the Bar

3 rep max Hang Power Clean


This was my second time at Crossfit 5150.  It's interesting how I never know what to expect when I show up.  I haven't done power cleans since high school.   However, at least I have done them before.  The hang clean is slightly different in that you dead lift the weight up first.  Then you thrust your hips forward and pull up at the same time to bring it to the front rack position.  I did 4 or 5 reps with increasing weight until I looked down at the bar and saw a little chunk of something like a piece of paper attached to the bar.  Upon closer examination it was a little piece of the skin from my hand.  There was also a smear of my blood on the bar.  Pretty freakin macho if you ask me.  I wish so much that I had stopped and gotten my phone for a picture.  Instead I flicked it off the bar and kept lifting.  There is a lot of technique involved in olympic lifting.  I don't ever remember anybody talking about that when I was lifting in high school.  Probably would have helped.  The beard is getting about as long as I'm willing to allow it.  I need to get some pictures taken and people over to see it quick.  Needless to say, I'm over it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crossfit for Real

15 minute AMRAP

25 wall balls
5 dead lifts @275lbs
10 35lbs KB C&J
2 rope climbs
400 meter run

I did 2 complete rounds.  About a week ago Michelle alerted me to the fact that my groupon for the crossfit gym in Signal Hill was about to expire.  I quickly made the appointment and went in for my first official crossfit class on Monday morning.  To be honest, I was a little nervous.  I know I'm not in bad shape but there are still a lot of movements that I have never done.  The workout that we wound up doing is a prime example.  I have never done wall balls, dead lifts, or kettle bells.  Dead lifts are particularly hard.  I'm sure I'll get used to them but wow you would think it is mainly a leg exercise but it really hits you everywhere.

I wish I could practice these more at home. 

I really enjoyed the whole experience that day.  I feel bad that I don't think I can join the gym after my groupon runs out.  First off I just don't think I can justify the $125/month it costs to go there.  Beyond that though, working out a good schedule would be really hard because I am not willing to give up my mornings doing breakfast and lunches for the family.  I'm going to just try to get as much as I can out of these 10 sessions.  I'm sure it will be fun.

Michelle broke my shaving mirror about a week ago so I decided to stop shaving for a while.  This is the longest I've ever had my "beard".  I think I'll keep it just long enough to show everybody in the family.  Wish I had a picture.  I'll try to get one tomorrow.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I do it

4 sets
50 airsquats
400 meter run

time: 12:26

I get annoyed when I stop seeing improvement.  This workout hasn't improved in quite a while.  I supposedly got a time of 11:51 about a month ago.  Since then I haven't gotten within 30 seconds of that.  Now I'm starting to question if maybe I miscounted some of my reps that day.  Regardless, I should still be able to do it.  I've gotten pretty good at doing airsquats.  I think I need to start working on the run.

I recently started taking the kids to school in the mornings.  A few days ago I was explaining to Derek why I do what I do.  I'm not overweight.  I don't feel any pressure to look a certain way.  I'm not training for an event.  When it comes down to it I'm training to improve myself mentally more than physically.  Don't get me wrong I like being healthy.  However, I know that I am weak in the mind.  Getting early everyday to workout will make you stronger mentally.  At least for me I feel like it does.  Follow that with a cold shower and I can almost assure you that you have crossed a mental threshold that most people around you haven't by 8am.  Sometimes it feels like if I do all that everything else in my day is going to be easier.  Which is almost always the case.  If there is one thing you can take to the bank in life it's that you can't do much without being mentally strong.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Epic Smog Check

4 mile run

I did a couple fairly difficult workouts this weekend.  I may have laid it on a little thick considering I hadn't worked out in 5 days.  Yesterday I did the 200 burpee workout.  What that is is 10 burpees every 60 seconds for 20 minutes.  I tried this a week ago and could not finish it.  I got to 160 and had to stop since it took me about 52 seconds to complete the last 10.  I would have had to start the next 10 8 seconds later.  There was no way.  Then I saw a youtube video of some old guy doing this workout.  I would like to add that he didn't do his burpees the way I do them with the clap overhead.  He also did them inside on a carpet or matte.  I do them on concrete.  Believe me when you start getting tired that surface matters.  Anyway, the main difference between last week and this week was that I didn't ware myself out with a 2 mile run warm up.  Doing that and then doing 200 burpees was just too much.  Today I was really sore so I decided to do a long run which I haven't done in quite some time.  Now my knee hurts a little.  I think it might be from having a sitting desk instead of the standing one I had before.

I took my car in to get smogged about 2 weeks ago and it failed.  That cost me $50 and it was only the beginning.  A few days later I took it to the mechanic near my house.  6 days and almost $1700 later my car passed the smog check.  I knew there was something weird going on with my car so it doesn't annoy me too much.  I'm trying to not get upset about it.  My engine light has been on literally for years and I noticed that my car was idling strangely.  Also my temperature gauge would fluctuate a lot.  Hopefully I don't get a bill like that for a few more years.  I think the most annoying thing about the whole experience was that it took 6 days to complete the work.  Major inconvenience getting to work everyday.

Friday, January 10, 2014


I haven't done any kind of exercise in 5 days and I don't feel too great about it.  I think I'm going to have to start waking up earlier on weekdays.  Probably at least 5:20am.  Have you ever taken stock of what your good and bad habits are?  My best habits have to be cooking breakfast everyday and working out.  I like those.  I don't think I have too many really bad habits.  I've toned down the video game playing which I'm still not sure I would call a bad habit.  However, I do think it was beginning to get out of hand.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year Dawns

Lots of people try to make news resolutions for themselves.  This year I'm going to make one that focuses on Michelle.  I'm going to help her get healthy.  Michelle works hard to make our family what it is.  She deserves a win.  We've started out this year on the low carb or rather the low bad carb diet with a modified workout routine.  I'm having her try to workout in the morning on an empty stomach.  The idea is to rewire your body to burn fat as fuel instead of the carbs and sugar that you typically have in your system after a glass of orange juice and breakfast.  So far she has 3 solid days under her belt.

I did max out for pullups on the 1st.  I got 10.  Not disappointing but not great either.  I was hoping for 11 or 12.  My goal is to have 20 by the end of the year.