Friday, June 14, 2013

Dylan Learns to Ride

Last weekend I was determined to teach Dylan how to ride a bike.  Michelle just got a new bike so I could foresee a summer filled with bike outings.  On Sunday I got his bike down off the wall and promptly removed the training wheels.  If you ever want to find out how out of shape you are just try following a 7 year old up and down the street while keeping your hands in position in case he falls.  I actually thought I was in pretty good shape but after going up and down the block twice I was gasping.  Luckily I had Derek there so we started alternating.  The entire time he only fell once.  He actually didn't fall he ran into a trashcan and stopped.  So after going up and down the street with him for maybe 15 minutes I decided to let him go on his first solo ride.  He started off slow but eventually got going.  Then about half way down the street he looked like he was losing control.  His legs went out and his feet dragged on the ground to help him stop.  He quickly stopped and put the bike down gently.  Then he walked back about 15 feet and picked something up.  I ran down the street to see what happened.  His pedal had come off of his bike.  Talk about bad timing.  I was very proud of him for how he reacted however.  He simply stopped and went back to get the pedal.  He did not fall.  Now Sydney and Dylan love riding their bikes.   I can't wait to take them to the beach.