Friday, November 21, 2014

Vacation Maybe?

5 minute jump rope warmup

5 sets
6 pullups
1:30 rest

1 bicep curl drop set

I am determined to get my pullups back.  I feel like doing pullups on the weird multiexercise machine thing at the gym is harder than just a straight up pull up bar, but that's fine.  At least they will be easier when I get a real bar setup.

We are finally moved in.  I feel like the movers had a really easy time this time around because half of our stuff had to be stored in the garage.

We got Salvation Army to come out and take a lot of old stuff including our old washer and dryer.  The new Samsung models we got are great.  The capacity is easily double what we had before.  The bonus is there is no big stupid agitator blade of doom tearing holes in our clothes anymore.

I submitted a request to take all of Thanksgiving week off.  Right now it looks like I will likely get it.  I think Michelle needs a break from all the house/kid madness and I'd like to provide that somehow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


5 minute jump rope warm up

5 rounds
20 decline pushups
20 side to side pushups
10 jumping side to side pushups

So I wound up going to the competition on Sunday.  I had a really good time right up to the point that I realized that I didn't do the workout correctly.  Since I came in first place in my heat and 3rd place overall I felt really bad about it.  As soon as I came in to work on Monday people were congratulating me on doing a good job, but I had to quickly confess that I miscounted one of the movements.  It was an honest mistake.  I'll have to pay better attention to the numbers next time.  Next time hopefully there will be a judge.

This weekend is move in weekend.  I can't wait.  It would be great if the kitchen was done, but at least I'll have tv and internet and a shower that isn't tiny.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pregame Warmup

jump rope warm up

2 rounds:
2 minute 55lb dumbbell hold
10 shoulder to overhead press with 55lbs on each side
35 goblet squats 55lbs

I came up with this workout to simulate what would be happening in the competition this weekend as close as possible.  One thing I noticed right away is how hard it is to just hold on to those dumbbells.  That is going to kill my grip fast.  I figured out that if I lift the dumbbells up to my shoulders while walking it doesn't hit my grip nearly as much.  I might be doing that if I end up going this weekend.

In a recent company meeting it was divulged that we spend millions every year on technology.  I wonder how much of that spend actually contributed to helping us do our jobs better/faster.  This is a subject I'd like to explore a bit further.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Competition in Jeopardy

1.5K row warmup

Front Squats

First off I'd like to congratulate myself for spelling jeopardy correctly the first time.  I have been doing a lot of work at home working on mobility in my hips and I think it is paying off.  I can go heavy with my front squats and my knees feel fine.  Can't wait to be able to do these at home.

Michelle had a change of heart about the crossfit competition that I signed up for this weekend.  Long story short, she doesn't want me to do it for various reasons.  I still really want to do it.  Hopefully, I can convince her to let me go.