Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pistol Squat

5 minutes walking


chair pistols

5 sets of 20 (10 each leg)

2 legit pistols holding a 12lbs dumbell

Today was cool.  I've been practicing doing pistol squats for a few weeks using a chair.  Today I decided to use a small stool which took my hip crease below parallel.  At the end of the 5 sets I was feeling pretty good so I decided to try a pistol holding a 12lbs dumbbell in front of me.  I did it!  I pulled off one on each leg.  Next time I do that workout there won't be any chair or stool.  It has been a while since I've done anything new.  Now if I can just figure out how to do doubleunders and handstands.

I never wrote about the 100th day.  I'm not sure why I didn't because I was pretty proud of it.  I filmed it with my phone and had every intention of putting it on youtube.  When I watched it the first thing I did was count the reps.  I remember sort of losing count and if I didn't do the full 100 I was going to have to do it again the next day.  Thankfully I ended up doing 101.  My time was 5:53.  My previous best 100 burpee time was something like 7:30, so I'm pretty happy with that improvement.  5:30 would have been better.

I tried doing some ring pushups a few days after the 100th day.  My shoulder felt a bit uncomfortable.  I would really like to go see a physical therapist about that.  My shoulder really hasn't been the same since I did bench press 2 years ago.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Day 99

5 minute walk
.5 mile jog

99 burpees

20 pull ups

Well...... tomorrow is it.  The long journey is about to come to an end.  I am really looking forward to not doing burpees on Saturday.  That being said, a tiny voice inside me is saying, hey wouldn't it be cool to go back down the ladder and go back down from 100 to 1.  Yeah, I don't think so.  My squat rack is embarrassingly dusty.  I mean need to remedy that situation in short order.  One thing I do plan to do however, is the 7 minute burpee challenge.  Somehow I need to get a hold of some big chocolate chip cookies.  Eating one of those about an hour prior to doing something burpees seem to have worked out well in the past.