Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Thursday

Thursday doesn't get a lot of credit.  Thursday means your on the tail end of the week.  Your past hump day and less than a day until Friday.  After yesterday's 2 hour commute to work I was not going to risk that again.  So I did the 5am thing again.  I can't ever seem to just come in to work and get a run in, I always have to sit down and get some work done first.  I don't think I ever get out the door before 7am.  This is how Marina Del Rey looked this morning at the half way point of my run.

Have a great Thursday everybody!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is so old.  1 hour 30 minutes is about my limit.  After that I feel like I start fading by the minute.  By the time I make it to work it's like I'm rolling on 3-4 hours of sleep.

It's weird, the closer we get to moving, the more I seem to hate the traffic.  It's like the last brutal miles of a marathon.  Think I'll be coming in early tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soup Walk

My stomach was giving me some major issues last night.  Today I'm giving my digestive system a break and going with the soup for lunch.  I really like the Whole Foods at Lincoln and Rose.  It's about a 10 minute brisk walk from my office.  The variety there is amazing.  The parking is terrible though.  That is probably a good thing since it forces me to walk.

What you see here is about 1/4 of what there is to choose from in the store.  This is what I typically get when I come here:

Soup and some kind of granola.  Today it was white bean and kale with granola chunky with flak seed oil.  I know, not something you would typically pick out of a menu isn't it.  Well, it tastes great and I'm fairly certain that it's mostly good for me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Still Life Still Alive

Check out this crazy artist lady.  Gotta be honest, most stuff I see in museums is a little dry.  This is amazing though:

Pretty cool picture right?  Wrong, not a picture, that's for realzies.

The Dirty Name

A long time ago I had the privilege of running the US Navy Seal obstacle course.  It was difficult.  Each obstacle has a name like the wall climb, the cargo net.  Something like that.  One of the obstacles is called "The Dirty Name".

For anybody under the height of maybe 5' 10" this obstacle is brutal.  Being as tall as I am it wasn't a big deal.  If I were to label an exercise apparatus "The Dirty Name" this would be it:

Oh man do I hate doing pull ups.  Right now I can do 5.  That is pretty sorry.  I'm making myself a new goal to get that number up as close to 20 as I can get it.  To be honest, I'd rather run another 4 marathons this year than do that.  Curse you pull up bars.  CURSE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

A Case of the Mondays

Do people really hate Mondays that much?  I don't think I do.  For me it's an opportunity to get the week started on the right foot.  To sort of set the pace.  A bad Monday can easily translate into a bad week.  Can't afford that today.  So far so good.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Work

Always fun to come in on a Friday after posting something for a client to review the night before only to hear the words "client" and "very unhappy" in the same sentence.  This is a new director though so I don't think he fully understands the process.  It'll just make us look that much better when we deliver it at the end.  In the meantime however, it means we are working 6-7 day weeks until delivery.  YAY.  Guess that's showbiz.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Japanese Engineering???

I saw this today:!5785430/japan-fixed-this-quake+damaged-road-in-just-six-days

 I couldn't figure out how to post the picture.  If that is true it is an amazing feet of engineering and productivity.  I am highly skeptical however.  That is just way too much to get done in 6 days on top of the massive amount of other work that is being done in Japan.  If anybody could do it they could though.  I wonder how long it would take a caltrans crew to pull that off.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is an interesting site that I go to from time to time.  It basically details some heroic yet usually unknown person from past or present.  I thought this one was pretty awesome.  Although some may find the description a bit juvenile, I think this guy should indeed fall into the category of badass.

Late Nights

Man I hate working late nights.  One of the things I don't like about supervising is that I feel obligated to stay as late or later than the rest of my team.  In this case, I actually have work on top of my supervising duties to do so I'm not just sitting around hovering over people.  These are the times that I feel like if there was something else I could do to support my family and not have to work 13-15 hours a day, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Sometimes it feels like it's all or nothing.  Work at Home Depot and make minimum wage or work here and be financially secure.  Guess that's life.

Early Risers

I once read that getting up early is one of the 7 or 10 or whatever habits of highly successful people.  I'd like to say that this is something I aspire to, but really I'm just trying to beat the traffic.  I do enjoy running early in the morning though.  It feels like you are the first one to see the new day.  Like getting taking fresh cookies out of the oven.  Can't wait to start running again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 Worlds

I have been a supervisor at work for about 6 months now.  I think.  It blurs together a bit.  My first project was a real doozy.  The client rejected the basic idea for the spot we were working on about 3/4 of the way through the schedule so we had to start over on it.  That one was a lot of hours and weekends.  This current project is called 2 worlds.  I have not been this excited about a project in a very long time.  From the first time that I saw the storyboards I knew this project was going to be amazing.  Thus far it is going.....ok.  There is a lot going on in this commercial.  Almost the entire thing is CG and there is a lot of fx going on as well.  I am deliberately being ambiguous because I don't want to give away what the commercial is going to be about.  I think you are all going to like it.  With about 4 weeks left on the schedule I think we are probably in for some long hours and weekends once again.  I think the director we are working with is a bit new to large scale production.  The commercial we are working on is actually based on a short film that he created.  It was very well done.  I will post a link to it once the commercial has shipped. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Starting Line

I was only able to take pictures at the starting line since it was raining so hard I didn't want to take my phone out of the ziplock I had it in.

The Los Angeles

I ran the Los Angeles Marathon yesterday.  I had two goals for this marathon.  Making a PR (personal record) which is pretty much every runner's goal in most marathons.  Also I wanted to finish strong and not hit the "wall" in the last 3-4 miles like I did last time.  Traffic leading to Dodger stadium was terrible.  I think it took us over an hour to go 1 mile.  Many runner's were simply getting out of their cars and walking up the hill which I eventually did.  There was plenty of time though.  When I got to the starting area I had almost an hour before the race actually started.  It was scheduled to go off at 7:30 but was delayed until 8.  I expected the porta-potty factor to be really bad for this race considering how many runner's there were and recalling how bad it was at Long Beach.  That was not the case though.  All the lines were maybe 10 people deep.  Looks like they planned that part right.  Anyway, that was a big deal last time so I thought I'd cover it.  I made my way into the starting corral area.  I think they call it a shoot or a shoo or something like that.  It was a good half hour before the race but it seemed like most of the runner's were already in there.  They have it set up so that you run with a certain speed group according to how fast you think you can run each mile.  I was buried back past the 11 minute milers.  Unfortunately, I found myself directly in front of one of the speakers which killed my ears until the race finally started.  When the gun went off they played that song I love LA by David Lee Roth.  That was a great way to start a race.  30,000 people do not get going in a hurry.  It took me 15 minutes to actually cross the starting line.  One thing I noticed early on was that a lot of people brought sweaters that they didn't mind leaving behind.  The first mile was littered with disgarded clothes on the street.  If I was homeless I'd stake out that first mile and clothe myself for a year with what was left behind.  Early on we made our way through China Town.  To be honest, there wasn't a whole lot to see.  It's only a few blocks of stores and restaurants; all Chinese of course.  It started raining almost immediately upon leaving Dodger Stadium.  By mile 2 or 3 it was already raining heavy although it would take the occasional break.  The running jacket I was wearing was protecting me well at that point.  There were a lot of people on the sides of the course cheering us on.  That was really awesome.  One weird thing I noticed at multiple times on the course somebody yelling "Go Dave!" or something like that.  I heard a few other people being cheered for as well, but I heard the Dave thing a lot.  I kept thinking they must be cheering for somebody nearby named Dave, but it kept happening.  There was even a few billboards setup around mile 6 and 8 that said "6 miles down 20.2 to go, You can do it Dave".  I don't mean crappy cardboard signs against the side of the road.  I mean those giant billboards like you see on the side of freeways.  That was a little strange.  By mile 10 it was really coming down hard and the wind was kicking up.  Most of the time the wind wasn't a big deal, but then I'd turn a corner and it would be blowing full force against me.  It was like having a shower nozzle pointed directly into my face.  This made site seeing a bit difficult.  There is probably half the marathon that I can't honestly remember because I was blinking through rain.  I know that we ran through a lot of not so glamorous neighborhoods before we made it to the ritzy parts of LA.  The Sunset strip was a nice part.  That was one of those parts of the race I was really looking forward to because you just can't run down the middle of Sunset Blvd on your own.  I know that I ran by the iconic Capitol Records building but I can't honestly remember doing it.  It was raining really hard on the Sunset part.  I recall there was a lot of flooding.  It didn't matter too much since by this time I was soaked through.  I might as well have been running with no shirt on.  The course after Sunset is a bit of a blur.  This was the part of LA I don't think I've ever seen before.  Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood.  I kept having to look at signs on the side of the road to find out were we were.  One thing that was a bit annoying was that they did not post mile markers at every mile.  So I would be running for a while thinking I was at a certain mileage only to find out I was one mile behind were I thought I was.  Brentwood was one of the last areas we went through before Santa Monica.  Very nice homes, I wonder how long it will take for people to not think of OJ when they hear Brentwood.  One thing I did not expect on this course was all the hills.  There was a lot of them.  I thought it was going to be all down hill, being "Stadium to the Sea" and all.  It really didn't feel that way.  I know that we were going downhill, but it was an up and down downhill.  The final 2 miles were almost completely downhill which was nice.  As I approached the 23 mile marker I started to get nervous knowing that this was the part that my body hit the wall in the Long Beach marathon.  I remember how bad that felt.  Thankfully it did not happen.  I was able to finish the race striding hard for the finish line passing people the entire way.  Unfortunately, I missed my PR time by a mile, or two.  I ran 4 hours 18 minutes, almost 20 minutes off my Long Beach time.  I suppose I could blame a little of that on the weather, but I still am left feeling a bit disappointed.  It felt good to finish strong though.  All those good feelings would quickly make way for the fact that once I stopped running I immediately started shivering from being cold and wet.  I grabbed one of those foil blanket things that they always give runner's after marathons.  It helped a little.  Some more experienced runner's got 2 or 3 of them and fashioned foil toga's around themselves.  They looked silly but that was a pretty good idea in hindsight.  The crowd was ridiculous.  Everybody looked the same in a dark rain jacket and  an umbrella.  I wish that we had set up some distant meeting point ahead of time.  I finally found Michelle, or rather she found me about a block from the finish line.  I would later learn that she had been standing out there for hours.  I am really lucky to have a wife as supportive as Michelle.  Overall, I'd say that the experience was good.  As miserable as much of that probably sounded, I want to do that marathon again.  Maybe not in the rain though.  People ask me sometimes why I like doing things like that.  I have a variety of answers.  It's a challenge.  To get in shape.  To be a good example for my kids.  Mostly though, it's to prove that I'm alive and not just existing.  Yesterday, I felt really really alive.