Friday, June 26, 2015

Cleaning Time

walked the dog


Way back in high school I used to love doing the power clean.  For some reason most guys didn't like it, but I did.  I still remember the last time I maxed out in the summer of 92.  I had 235 on the bar and had failed it twice.  There was a small crowd of underclassman watching when I attempted my 3rd time.  I pulled it off by doing some kind of wacky side split falling back routine.  It was ugly but I got it.  Fast forward to this morning, when after warming up with a bunch of triples I decided to run it up to 225.  I've been watching a lot of clean technique videos on youtube and I'm pretty sure my form was horrible.  It felt good though.  Power cleans are fun.  I look forward to doing that more often.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 11, dog still alive

5 minute walk
leg swings
.25 mile run
hip stretches

3 rounds
10 thrusters #95
10 burpees

I have never done official thrusters in a workout before so this was fun.  Real thrusters are a lot harder than I thought they would be.  I want to try out open workout 14.5, but I'm not sure I can do it right now.  Just this short thing was pretty tough for me.  However, I haven't been working as much on conditioning lately.  I really need to work on the basic technique of the thruster.  I'm pretty sure I'm screwing up the front rack position. 

I dropped the bar today and almost killed the dog.  I'm going to pay more attention to where she is when I'm lifting.  That would have been horrible.  The kids would have been devastated.  I don't think I'll tell them about that.  I'll have to live with my guilt.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


50 calorie airdyne

leg swings
hip stretches

Front Squats
5 sets
3x205 tempo

I threw that last set of 10 at 185 in there just for fun.  I was starting to feel a little wobbly at the end.  I think I'll take a pass on doing lots of reps in the front squat at the end of workouts.  Last week was the first time that I can remember doing front squats and not being that sore a few days after.  I'll go ahead and call that progress.

I went to home depot this morning to by some bricks.  I am determined to make my backyard a no doggy escape zone.  We already have all the spaces boarded up but she could still dig under the fence.  So I'm getting about 150 bricks to cover up the dirt areas in front of the fence.  We should have that wrapped up tomorrow.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


5 minute walk
leg swings

1 minute on, 1 minute off
300 watt airdyne
20 minutes

We went down to the Irvine Pet Adoption event on Sunday and came away with a new member of the family.  She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Meet Lacy.

She likes to take naps.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Here We Go

10 minute walk

airdyne calories
airdyne calories


I saw a video of a couple guys doing this and thought it would be fun.  They did it in 7:30.  Their burpees were weak though.  Guess I have some room for improvement.

I just turned 40.  To be honest, I don't feel any different now that than I did at age 35 or 29.  Only thing I can remember being different at age 22 was that I could eat a heck of a lot more.  I am itching for change.