Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Hurry

15 minutes of jump roping
4 sets of
walking lunges up and back on volleyball court

I could not get doubleunders going today to save my life.  The best I could do was rattling off about 7 in a row.  That was a bit of an anomaly though.  I spent most of my time whipping my hand when I would miss.  That was really painful.  Felt good to do those lunges though.  I have really dialed it down for the past 2 weeks to let my shoulder heal.  It feels pretty good right now.  I'd say it's about 90% there.  I'm going to wait until next Monday before I try to do some pushups.

Derek ran his first track meet today.  He ran his first official 400 meters in 1:01.  Not too bad considering I ran my best time as a senior at 54 seconds.  I hope that he sticks with it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Joint Pain

4 mile run

I went to the gym last week and did some bench presses.  It was a simple workout of 5 sets of 5 reps with ascending weight.  I ended at 245.  I was smart about it and asked somebody near by to spot me.  I said I was going for 3 reps maybe 4.  I did 4 and was about to rack it when he said "come on you got one more".  So I completed one more rep with his help.  Since then my shoulder joint has been sore.  I wouldn't say really sore or painful, but just noticeable.  Being injuryphobic, I opted out of all exercises involving that joint this week.  It has now been about a week and that joint is still not 100%.  I may have to switch over to a running/leg program for a little while. 

I started a new project this week.  I'm finally back to being a supervisor which feels good.  Some long time commercials people left the company this week.  They have been here longer than I have.  It troubles me that every time somebody leaves they aren't replaced.  This tells me the company wants to see just how many people they can get rid of before they can't do work anymore.

I have an idea for creating a texture library site online.  The first step is to take some of my own texture images.  To do that, I need a tripod. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lift Day!

1 mile run
100/50/50/100/50/50/100 single skips
30 double unders

1000 meter row
front squat 5x5
bench press 5x5

Today was my first day going to the LA Fitness by work.  It went really well.  Every time before when I went there it was a bit crowded.  This time I didn't have to wait for anything.  I started off with the rowing machine.  I really wanted to do that one because I've never done it before.  It didn't seem overly strenuous but then maybe I could have been going faster.  I should have noted my time when I reached 1000 meters.  I think it was between 5 and 6 minutes.  After the row I went to the squat rack and proceeded to do some front squats.  I've only done those once before at the crossfit box.  They are a bit awkward especially in how you have to hold the bar on top of your clavicle bones.  My fingers actually felt really strained after doing that one.  I'm going to have to work on my finger flexibility.  Bench press felt really good.  I ended my 5 sets of 5 at 225 and easily completed it.  Next time I'm going to adjust higher.  A personal goal I've always had is to bench 315.